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soft + grainy leather
this quality leather has been carefully selected from an artisanal tannery in tuscany, italy.

leather is a byproduct of the food industry – otherwise discarded skins are transformed into a usable, flexible material through the process of vegetable tanning. this slow, natural method uses tannins extracted from plant material, rather than metals used in more commercial tanning methods. our leather is full grain, meaning absolute quality and durability because it is made from the strongest part of the skin – the very top, original layer. once tanned the leather is tumbled to achieve a beautiful grain and soft hand feel.

our tannery, established since the early 1900’s, uses mimosa, chestnut and quebracho (FSC certified) sourced from local Italian suppliers to tan bovine skins of european origin. committed to traceability in their supply chain and minimizing environmental impact, including water purification, they adhere to rigorous standards of industry regulation and certification.

natural canvas
chatter is lined with a beautiful, medium weight, natural canvas. this quality material is made from a blend of organically grown cotton (GOTS certified) and hemp – hemp being renowned for its efficient and sustainable growing methods.

woven in lancashire on a jacquard loom, it is finished in yorkshire – these are some of the last remaining textile mills and finishers in the uk. left natural in colour, unbleached and undyed, this canvas has a fantastic, structured, resilient hand feel and a natural variation of flecks across the weave.

our dust bag fabric is sourced from this very same supplier and made from a blend of organically grown cotton (GOTS certified) and linen (‘master of linen’ certified), producing a light weight natural canvas.

zips, fittings + other bits
we source the highest quality metal zips, manufactured in italy. with individually polished brass base teeth, they are easy running, zipping to and fro smoothly and effortlessly. finished with a nickel free finish, they are also fully coated with an anti-corrosion treatment preventing discolouration of the metal surface.

for strength and durability we use 100% recycled polyester thread (GRS certified), made using recycled PET bottles. our premium thread manufacturer produces a high performance thread, with excellent tensile strength and wear resistance for durable seams. our branded woven labels are also made from 100% recycled polyester thread (GRS certified), made using recycled PET bottles.

the drawstring cord on our dust bags is made from organically grown cotton (GOTS certified). this raw material is spun and woven into chunky, strong cord in austria. we dye this by hand in the studio in small batches.


made in the midlands
chatter is constructed by our luxury leather goods manufacturer in the west midlands, england. with over 140 years of experience in hand craft manufacturing skills, they specialise in working with vegetable tanned leather. traditionally used in saddlery, this leather takes a specific set of expertise to master its unique characteristics. here, a small production line of leatherworkers use time consuming, traditional, hand worked finishes, combined with the efficient use of specialist machinery, to create products of the utmost quality and longevity.

to start the chatter making process, panels of soft + grainy leather are cut on the clicking machine, using specially made cutters. in a huge splitting machine pieces are then thinned down to just the right thickness – soft enough in the hand, but firm enough to hold the folds. edges are clean cut, stained, burnished and waxed to finish. this finish bends and flexes with the leather over time, ensuring its enduring quality, unlike more commercial, acrylic edge paints that can crack and peel. by an expert hand, chatter is folded and stitched into shape on a specialist sewing machine before its final quality check.