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natural variation
our leathers are full grain with a very natural finish. because of this, you will see the original natural variation of the skin’s surface – varying grains, textures, pores and patches are an authentic and treasured part of this natural material, making each product brilliantly unique from the very start.

make it your own
vegetable tanned leather with a natural finish behaves in a unique and characterful way. made to be used and loved, it changes over time, with use and with the environment. hand feel and colour will soften and mellow. any fine marks, stains, scratches acquired from daily wear will blend into the surface, as over time, it develops a beautiful, shiny, polished finish, known as a patina. So wear it in, and make it your own.

care for it
look after your bag with care and it will serve you well for many years to come. store it in the dust bag provided, stuffed and standing up right. avoid squashes and pile ups as these can misshape your bag.

the natural qualities of our leather means it reacts to water and sunlight. water absorbs fast – avoid it where possible and never soak. If your bag does get wet, spread the water out evenly over the surface, dab it dry and stuff with paper towels to absorb moisture. leave to dry out in a warm room naturally. avoid radiators as this can dry out the leather and make it brittle. avoid excessive sunlight as this may darken colour faster.

in later years, once the shiny patina has developed with use, you can apply a waterproof spray for more protection, or a hide food or conditioning cream for nourishment. these may affect the shine, colour and hand feel. always test a small, hidden patch of leather first and follow product instructions carefully. for more serious stains, scratches and cleaning we recommend taking your bag to a trusted leather goods repair shop. the leather is not initially colour fast, so avoid contact with light coloured clothes and surfaces.